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Welcome to the world of eye plastic surgery! It simply means plastic surgery around the eye, performed by a super-specialist.

Plastic surgery around the eye requires a combination of plastic surgery skills combined with the knowledge of Ophthalmology (eye surgery).

Fortunate to have received the best training from UCLA, Los Angeles, and 19 years of experience, I offer you the safest and the best way to get your desired results!

Whether you were born with an eyelid defect, suffered an unfortunate facial injury, have a tumor around the eye, or simply wish to look better, I can help you with this specialized care.

Eye plastic surgery can change your life by enhancing your features, restoring normalcy, rejuvenating your appearance, and most importantly, boosting your self-esteem!

Dr Milind Naik, MD                                                                                                             Eye and Facial Plastic Surgeon,                                                                                             LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad

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